• Patented Crystal Car Charger

    Dual USB ports car charger: Laser Logo Inside Crystal

  • Crystal Power Bank

    i-Series Light-up Power Bank: Laser Logo

  • Sandglass Shape USB Flash Drive

    Sandglass Designed USB: Laser logo

  • Epoxy Doming Car Charger

    Dual Ports Car Charger: Epoxy Logo

  • Deluex Car Charger

    Epoxy Doming Logo Design in Dual Ports

  • Deluxe Metal Car Chargers

    KeyChain USB Design: Laser Engraving Logo

  • Theme Design Drives

    Tailor Made Design: Laser Engraving Logo


About Us

This is an well known and experienced gift promotion company, named Han Promotion Limited, which locates in southern of China, Shenzhen.We manily make USB memory drive, power bank, car charger, selfie stick...

Paper gift box

Model No: MDA

Doming Car Charger

Model No: CC29