HAN Promotion Limited Catalogue 2019

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HKTDC Gift & Premium Fair Summery 2018

HKTDC Gift & Premium Fair Summery

Our company took part in the HKTDC Gift & Premium Fair from Apr. 27th, 2018 to Apr. 30th, 2018. During the four days exhibition, our company has been very successful and summary as follows:
1.      Our company is well prepared before the exhibition.

(1) Before the exhibition began, our company's staff carefully prepared the exhibition publicity materials, exhibits and office supplies. For booth layout, display location, and lighting layout, all of these are required to be as perfect as possible to show our products.
(2) Besides, our salesman deeply aware of and familiar with product knowledge and are mindful of the product's performance, type, structure and parameters. What’s more, the reception staff uniform dress and dress up, to give each customer with good spirit face, and set up the spirit of our company.

2.       Booth analysis

The booth number of our company is 3G
-F42, be located in the last booth on
Hall 3G and F column of the HKTDC Gift& Premium Fair, which is just in a position to be noticed easily. So the choice of our booth is of great advantage to attract customers.

3.       Analysis of on-site visitors.

There are several types of people who come to our booth:

(1) Current customers.

(2) Potential customes.

(3) Competitors.

(4) Visitors.

Therefore, it is necessary to have special observation ability for us to accurately judge which kind of customer belongs to. For every guest to visit, we are all in a timely manner to the customer information backup, collect the customer's business cards, who without business card is also made to register, so that we can facilitate the company's business contact in the future.

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Han Promotion Limited

HAN Promotion Limited Catalogue 2018

This is our new catalogue,please download.

Thanks for your supporting!

Date of Exhibitions

Happy new year ,wishing you all the best and good luck in the 2018 .

Thanks for the concern and support in the past few years .

There are some new products will debut in the 2018.

We have new range of gift set , including the Wooden Gift Set ,and China Red Gift Set ,etc.

The following pictures for your reference ,
China Red Gift Set

GSA Black-1
(Pure Black gift set)

(The Wooden Gift Set )
The above gift set we will be sent as a gift to our customer .

We are going to attend the trading fair in Beijing ,HongKong and Shenzhen.

The first trading fair is the 37th  China Beijing International Gift Premium & Houseware Exhibition ,will be held from March 27th to 29thThe booth number is NO.8, 8F11.

The second trading fair is the 26th China (Shenzhen) International Gifts ,Handicrafts , Watches & Houseware Fair , will be held from April 25th to 28th . The booth number is NO.3, 3E89.

The last trading fair is in Hongkong,  HKTDC Gift and Premium Fair ,will be held from April 27th to 30th.  The booth number is  3G_F42.

We sincerely hope you will give us your valuable suggestion and advice and truly welcome you to visit us in the exhibition .


"KC", it is called Kylin and Champion, its deep meaning comes from the concept of our company promoted for these years 'Innovate ideas and inspiring results'

Since the ancient times, we can know that Kylin is the well known legend in China, Besides, we can also understand that Kylin is the representative of lucky and innovation. For the promotional gifts, we expect we can provide the most innovative gifts with a good luck, the business we emphasize on can be promoting to the area we hope that.
On the other hand, no matter what it is, the best feedback from the customers on the products or the service we provided, which can be leading us to a real champion. And we will spare no effort to achieve the success we want, being the champion to be trusted by customer.

The perfect combination of LUCKY, INNOVATION and CHAMPION.

KC is worthy of your trust.


Enterprise-School Cooperation

It’s been a pleasure to build up a Practical Training Base in Guangdong Polytechnic College for providing a formal platform to students and let them practice with the professional skill they learned at the college.

Recognizing the vital need for social practice development,which provides opportunities to students to work in a dynamic academic atmosphere. The further strengthen connection between College and Enterprise through the cooperation that will further boost confidence and engagement of businesses from school.Enterprise-School Cooperation
The more we cooperate together, the more we have a stake in each other’s success and the more we understand each other, the more we can work together to confront the problems that face our future today.

Sincerely hope that isn’t only the beginning of our milestone cooperation, but also can promote the capacity of students to reach a higher level, a wider field, a better future.

Enterprise-School Cooperation-2

Slim Hook Drive

Slim Hook USB Drive

With premium metal housing and innovative hook design, not only it's gorgeous, but also makes your file  accessible.

Makes it easy to attach to your keys, laptop bag , or more.

guakouxiaoguoAn amazing of storage Space for all your essential and valuable data. This portable Slim Hook USB flash drive will revolutionize the way you work and play.
MDA with Laptop

If you want to transmit data or pictures to someone else, or you want to give a video presentation right away, Simply copy the file onto this USB and plug it into any  PC or MAC. No mater when and where, a USB in hand, success in your grasp.MDA 4
Excellent quality, portable design, fast transfer speed and steady performance, as for your recommend.
MDA-1COVER 1Remarks:

 All of our products with CE and Rohs Certificate .

 Stock available

3D Robot USB Man

This is patent creative design.

It’s made of Zinc Alloy material. The size is 64*41*16mm.

Firstly, Arms and legs are segmental. There are screws to control them. You could display different gestures of robot usb depending on your emotion. 

This robot usb could light up when you plug to the computer, this is luminous point of this model.

Secondly, we could print your logo on robot middle part. Logo color will be solid transparent single color. When robot usb plug into the computer, the logo will light up.

There is light inside the robot usb, the standard available light color is red, blue or green. Pls refer below picture !

Thirdly, the available color of robot is silver or gold color. Moreover, we could make the different colors on hands as you request.

 Do you have any ideas and demand to us? Welcome to send to us!

Car A/C Vent Clip Air Freshener

It’s made of Zinc Alloy and ABS. The size is 58*58*48mm.

 Firstly, the branding ofair freshener is using the technique of Epoxy doming, which is water-proofing, chemical-resistance and it helps protect and light up its branding.

Secondly, the structure of air freshener has some advantages such as small volume, light weight,portable and replace the aroma yourself, etc. Much more than these, our air freshener has a mini fan blade, so that aroma will quietly and rapidly fill the space with the intensity of the air conditioning.

Thirdly, the available types of aroma are Lemon, Green Tea, Rose, Lavender selection. Different kind owns different functions, Lemon and Lavender reduces fatigue and relieve mental stress, what’s more, they can raise up your working efficiency; Green Tea cleans air to remove odors and sterilize them; in addition, Rose is not only with skincare, but also creating a romanticatmosphere and improving the quality of life.

At Last but not at least, should you have additional requirements or recommendations of the products, please let us know and we could make it happen.

Our products design in own rights without innuendo.

Welcome any your request


Wooden Barrel USB Drive

The design concept of Wooden Barrel USB Drive comes from barrel .

It a mini size of Barrel .

It a great gift for a collector or people who love the style and design .

Thebody of drive are made out of bamboo / wood.When you touch or plug it in , there are no edges that will splinter .

Also , we work great for your customized laser engraving and silk screening logo, to build up your branding .

It has a key chain or string in order to carrying it around ,(Body with keychain included ) never have to worry about the drive loss. Our innovative design, your unique drive.

 All of our products with CE and Rohs Certifiate .

 Stock available