Light Up Metal Robot USB

Light Up Smart Robot USB Flash Drive


This is patent creative design.

It’s made of Zinc Alloy material. The size is 64*41*16mm.

Firstly, Arms and legs are segmental. There are screws to control them. You could display different gestures of robot usb depending on your emotion.

This robot usb could light up when you plug to the computer, this is luminous point of this model.

Secondly, we could print your logo on robot middle part. Logo color will be solid transparent single color. When robot usb plug into the computer, the logo will light up.

There is light inside the robot usb, the standard available light color is red, blue or green. Pls refer below picture.

Thirdly, the available color of robot is silver or gold color. Moreover, we could make the different colors on hands as you request.


Do you have any ideas and demand to us? Welcome to send to us!

New Metal USB with Leather Strap or Key Chains

New Metal USB with Leather Strap or Key Chains

This is model made of real leather + Zinc Alloy material. The size is 70* 17mm.

There are some grains on Zinc Alloy body show elegant design on both sides.

Firstly, middle clean part, which is used for engraving or printing your customized branding.

If you have any your customized design and logo, sending to us, we could help your side to make it. We have the External Laser Machine and Silk printing Machine in our factory, thus it’s easily for us to make sample or goods with your design.


Secondly, there is hole on this model, which is for attaching the accessories, such as shinny Keychain or Leather strap ect. You could DIY and match the accessory for this model.

Some customer may would like to use the long shine key chain to wear it, or adding the leather strap on this model to take them together with keys or your bags.

The leather is real leather material. Leather strap color could be customized. You could also print your logo on leather strap if you like.


Thirdly, the standard colors on this model are silver color, gun color or gold color. If you have any request colors, pls let us know, we could help your to make it happen.


Welcome any your request!

Sandglass Shape USB Flash Drive

Sandglass Shape USB Flash Drive
This model designed in Sandglass. The material is made of glass + Zinc Alloy. Duration of sands is 3 minutes.
Capacity from 1GB to 64GB. Easily to catch and take it for saving the datas. 
Fistly, From design of this model, it's elegant Sandglass design, we all known that sandglass which symbols of  love, freidship, happieness, wishes, hope and time as well.
In previous time, we would like to regard the sandglass as gifts to our friends, lovers or family. Recipts could feel the emotion from gift.
Elegant Sandglass usb could also be a little decoration on our desk.
Secondly, The sands inside the glass, the color of sands could be cusotmized, our present standard color is white and blue.
If you want to do purple color that's fine to do it. Different sands colors demonstrate different meaning, the white color sands instead of healthy, and the purple color sands instead of grade and the Blue color sands instead of energy.
Which color do you prefer?
Thirdly, High-grade Metal tripod to control the Sandglass and cute metal cap to protect usb head. Any customized brandings are welcome to be engraved on metal cap.
We have own external laser machine to engrave your logo on metal cap, thus we could provide the fast delivery.
Would you like to try our service? Welcome to join us!

HAN Promotion Printing Services

We have following machines help us with fast sampling and delivery.
A. 3D Printing Machine.
B. 4 Colors Pad Printing Machine
C. External Engraving Machine.
D. Crystal Laser Engraving Machine.
E. Full Color Printng Machine.
Welcome any Customized Designs, Brandings and Logos.
1-2 days for sampling, and 3 days for mass production.
If you have any Urgent Order and requirment with printing, pls send to us, we could help to make it happen!

Exhibition: Hong Kong Gifts &Premium Fair -2016-04


This is again an excellent show for us!

We have shared our opinion on the new products with current and new customers.

It is very nice to got feedback from customer on the new products, especially on the new lock design, pattern design, and luxury design usb drives, power banks and car chargesr.

We will base on customers' opinion together with our innovative idea to move ahead the coming years new products.

Welcome you will join us.



HK Fair


Portable Power-banks

With the popularity of digital products, portable power bank grows rapidly.

Digital products’ function becomes increasingly diverse and necessary, it’s very urgent and eager to improve the life timer of digital products to facilitate our lives. Then power-bank launched out. We could charge assorted of digital products at anywhere and anytime by portable power-bank.

As you are in traveling or in meeting, main supply charger is not available or charging inconveniently, power-bank could help you to provide emergency energy without any location limitation, which greatly improved and facilitated people’s lives.

Power-banks’ charging plug could charge mobile device by passing AC supply directly, likes car’s gasoline tank and transmission agent, the cell provides energy continually to the power bank.

The circuit wafer mainly distributes and converts the energy, it changes 3.7V voltage or higher voltage provided by Lithium cell to standard 5V (or higher) voltage for providing the power to charging equipment.

Portable power-bank: Using the USB input and output, power bank needs to charge itself by charger or plugging to the laptop or computers.

Multifunctional Power bank: Excepting charging, it could be used as LED lighting.


Car charger is an accessory to provide convenience for car owner to charge their digital devices whenever and wherever. Some of high-grade car charger includes 2 USB ports, which can charge 2 digital devices at the same time.

These products generally have an over current protection, short circuit, over input voltage and heat temperature protection, four security protection features to ensure safe use.

With the development of automotive industry, car charger is widely used and with more multifunctional, portable and fashionable features.

The regular dual USB car charger with parameters: input 12V/24V, output 5V 2.1A (Max). The dual USB output ports can apply to 99% smartphones/tabletsPC/MP3/MP4/PSP/GPS/DV/DCandother USBpowered electronics on the market.

Portability: Portability is a trend in today’s electronic products development. The dimensions of the products can be concentrated into 70*35*35mm. it is extremely convenient to 
carry them.

Fashion:    For the car owner of the high-end consumer group, manufacturers pay more attentions on the fashion features of the car charger. Generally, they use ABS materials and metal materials.  Not only exquisite, but also the handle is excellent.

Security:   The products pass the CCC, UL, FCC, CE international safely testing.

Exhibition: Mega Show Part 1 – 2013

Fair Name: Mega Show Part 1 - 2013
Date: 20-23 October,2013
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Booth No.: Hall 2A-A13
Organizer: Kenfair Exhibition (Hong Kong) Limited

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Han Promotion Limited
25 AUG 2013

Exhibition: Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair 2013

Fair Name: Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair 2013
Date: 27-30 April 2013
Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Booth No.: Hall 2E – A22
Organizer: Hong Kong Trade Development Council

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Han Promotion Limited
20 March 2013

USB flash drive

A USB flash drive is a data storage device that includes flash memory with an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface. USB flash drives are typically removable and rewritable, and physically much smaller than a floppy disk. Most weigh less than 30 g.[1] As of September 2011, drives of up to 256 gigabytes (GB) are available.[2] Storage capacities as large as 2 terabytes are planned, with steady improvements in size and price per capacity expected.[3] Some allow up to 100,000 write/erase cycles, depending on the


exact type of memory chip used, and a 10 year shelf storage time.[4][5][6]
USB flash drives are often used for the same purposes for which floppy disks or CD-ROMs were used, i.e., for storage, back-up and transfer of computer files. They are smaller, faster, have thousands of times more capacity, and are more durable and reliable because they have no moving parts. Until about 2005, most desktop and laptop computers were supplied with floppy disk drives, but floppy disk drives have been abandoned in favor of USB ports.

USB flash drives use the USB mass storage standard, supported natively by modern operating systems such as Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and other Unix-like systems, as well as many BIOS boot ROMs. USB drives with USB 2.0 support can store more data and transfer faster than much larger optical disc drives like CD-RW or DVD-RW drives and can be read by many other systems such as the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, DVD players and in some upcoming mobile smartphones.

A flash drive does not contain any moving parts; the term drive persists because computers read and write flash drive data using the same system commands as for a mechanical disk drive, with the storage appearing to the computer operating system and user interface as just another drive. Flash drives are very robust mechanically.

A flash drive consists of a small printed circuit board carrying the circuit elements and a USB connector, insulated electrically and protected inside a plastic, metal, or rubberized case which can be carried in a pocket or on a key chain, for example. The USB connector may be protected by a removable cap or by retracting into the body of the drive, although it is not likely to be damaged if unprotected. Most flash drives use a standard type-A USB connection allowing plugging into a port on a personal computer, but drives for other interfaces also exist.

USB flash drives draw power from the computer via the USB connection. Some devices combine the functionality of a digital audio player with USB flash storage; they require a battery only when used to play music.